Social Media Marketing

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

In today’s world, social media platforms have come out to be one of the most effective mediums to connect to people all over the world, that too in a few minutes. We all have used social media for various purposes such as entertainment, chatting, etc., but this platform can be used for more productive works as well, such as promoting a product/service, which is known as Social Media Marketing. It is probably one of the most widely-used methods to increase the sale of a product or service. This procedure comes out as extremely important and effective due to the following reasons:

Easy reach:

Social Media has the capability of reaching out to a mass of people within a few minutes, that too without putting in too much physical labor. This process only requires having a social media account and an internet connection to reach out to a bunch of people who can easily avail the services of the seller without having to meet him/her physically.

Requires less setup cost:

This method only requires having a smartphone/laptop/computer (or a similar alternate medium) and a stable internet connection to reach out to people. It includes having an account, posting pictures, videos, etc., related to the product/service, and promoting it. The sellers do not have the requirement to advertise the product/service or set up a showroom/shop by investing a huge amount of money.

Less time consuming:

As mentioned above, this method has the capability of connecting to a mass of people in very little time. Hence, this process comes out as quite effective in managing and saving time.

Increased ROI:

The return on investment in this process is usually more, as the investment required for promoting the product/service is quite low. This method easily attracts potential customers, which leads to easily cover up the expenses needed for the promotion.

Builds good relations with customers:

Social Media also gives the option of interacting with customers on a personal level. Being constantly in contact with the potential buyers helps promote the product and builds a good relationship between the two parties.

Tempts potential buyers:

In order to promote a product/service, it is necessary to attract customers by making the way of promotion appealing. Previously this method required a huge setup cost, but currently, the availability of Social Media platforms has made this process extremely inexpensive. It only requires designing an appealing page and actively posting on it.

Social Media can prove to be extremely beneficial if used properly to expand a particular business. As we all move towards a ‘digital world,’ business strategies and promotions should also be shaped according to that.

Social Media Marketing plays vital role in Digital Marketing Strategy to grow any business.

Popular Social Media Platforms –Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter.


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