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Pixer Digital is a one-stop digital shop for all the digital services and growing your business from Digital Marketing, Branding, Designing, and Consulting.


Shift from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has helped businesses grow, and even today, it is helping a lot of businesses. There is nothing wrong with using traditional marketing, but there are some limitations of traditional marketing beyond a particular point, for example advertising your products using traditional methods like billboards, they will appear only in an area or using tv that will only reach nationally with very high investments whereas with digital marketing with three times less costing you can market your service and products in any part of the world.

Every business needs a strategy, whether that is small or big. A Strategy is not only “What to do?”, but it’s equally “What not to do?”. When it comes to marketing, businesses have their preferred ways to market their services or products. 

But in the past couple of years, Marketing has leaped, and businesses have started changing their marketing strategies. That is because businesses have started tapping the potential of Digital Marketing in addition to Traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing is not a new concept, it has been for decades now, and still, some companies haven’t adapted to Digital media. It’s high time for businesses to have a digital presence and digital marketing is equally important for businesses who have their digital presence and also for businesses who don’t have a digital presence.


Let us explain to you why?

Businesses that do not have a digital presence:

If your business does not have an online presence, you are already one step behind your competitors. Businesses of any category, niche, or size have the scope to grow online. There is a possibility that your business will not work on some platforms, but it will work on few other platforms. Finding the right platform is not easy and needs some expert advice & consulting, and Pixer Digital can help you find the right marketing strategy for your business.

And if you think your business will not work online. Or think Digital Marketing is not for your business, let us list down the medium of marketing on Digital platforms.

  • Social Media Marketing 
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube, Pinterest.
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing

The above listed are the mediums where you can grow your business.

Businesses that have a Digital presence:

If your business has an online presence, it is great news. You have adopted new ways for your business. But is your business growing online? 

If yes, it is excellent.

But if not, then there is something wrong with implementing Digital Marketing, and soon you may lose trust in Digital Platforms.

But before that, give Pixer Digital a try, and you will not regret it, that is our challenge. 

Let me brief you about Pixer Digital and How do we work.

Pixer Digital provides a plethora of Digital Services to businesses, NGO’s and even Individuals for all purposes, right from business to personal needs.

Our services include-

  • Digital marketing

    • Social Media Marketing
      • Facebook, Instagram
      • Twitter, LinkedIn
      • Pinterest
    • Email Marketing
      • Welcome Emails, Email Newsletters
      • Focused call to action emails
      • Customized emails
      • Mass Emails
      • Branding emails
    • Search Engine Optimization
      • On-Page SEO
      • Off-Page SEO
      • Technical SEO
    • Online Advertisements
      • Paid Search Marketing
      • Google Advertisements
      • Google Adwords/ Pay Per Click (PPC)
      • Google Display Advertisements (Display Ads)
      • Google My Business listing
  • Designing

    • Web Designing
      • Static & Dynamic websites
      • Single- Page & Multi-Page Websites
      • Social Media Integrated Websites
    • Graphic Designing
      • Logo creation  
      • Creatives for Branding/Social Media
      • Banners/Flyers/ Visiting Cards/Invitations
      • Business Proposal 
      • Corporate Presentation
    • Video & Animation Development
      • Videos for various advertisements and events
      •  Animations for various occasions and promotions
      • GIF/MP4
  • Branding

    • Personal Branding
    • Merchandise Branding
    • Branding Strategy 
      • Brand Architecture
      • Brand Elements creation
    • Product and services extensions
  • Consulting

    • Strategy
    • Marketing & Branding
    • Human Resource (HR)
    • Organizational Structure


How does Pixel Digital work?


Digital Marketing

The first step in creating an online presence is, having a website. Once a website is developed, it needs to be SEO-ready. Once the basic SEO completes, then comes content writing. These steps are a continuous process with feedback loops for continuous improvement. The next step is to identify the right platforms, then according to platforms that suit you best come tasks like Digital Marketing Branding, Content creation, posting, Online Ads, Email Marketing.

Pixer Digital is a “One Stop Digital Shop.” where your Digital Marketing needs will be fulfilled, and this will not end here. Designing, branding, and consulting for your business can be achieved with Pixer Digital.


Our Designing service covers your needs of Web Designing, which includes Website Development, Landing Pages, Sales Pages. Graphic Designing covers Logo Designing, Post Creation, Packaging, Publishing. Video & Animation Development which includes motion graphics, Video Editing.


Branding is giving life to any business. Branding can help you in designing various brand elements, and different aspects of your business like Name, Logo, services or products, etc., in such a way that it stands out from your competitors. Pixer Digital helps you to differentiate yourself from your competition, also helps you to develop the brand strategy for long-term benefits, and for the development of customer-based Brand Equity.


In layman’s language, Consulting is seeking expert advice from the management experts & specialists through a series of brainstorming sessions to solve/design a solution or strategy. It is important for businesses who want to grow from a current growth rate to a new growth rate in the given period or time frame decided by the owners and board of directors.

Consulting is used to plan and implement the corporate and business strategy at a high level. It is for solving business challenges through the creation of optimized business processes. Many organizations seek consultation from experts to optimize their current investments, and processes to achieve a higher return of investment and improve the process efficiency and productivity of the resources deployed or to improve customer satisfaction. 


Food for Thought

Having a Digital presence will not only help you with marketing and branding, but with the help of the internet Pixer Digital helps you to know how your website is performing, how people are finding your business, which keywords customers are using, where you need to improve as well as you can know where exactly your competitors stand, what keywords are they using, how & why they are ranking higher than you, what people are searching related to your business and much more. And as you can see what your competitors are doing, you can use this to move one step ahead and to scale your business to new heights using the potential of Digital Marketing.