Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing Services?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, in simple words, is marketing in the digital world. The process of identifying and satisfying customer needs using the digital medium. It also includes promoting and selling your product online. Few examples of digital marketing are social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing.

This process involves multiple phases, which can be classified broadly as stepping into the digital world with your business, brand promotions using different platforms, creating brand equity for your business, managing your customer online, post-sales services.

Digital marketing helps you to connect with your target customer using the internet as a medium.

Digital Marketing is one of the key services offered by Pixer Digital.

Let’s understand how Digital Marketing Works?

The idea behind digital marketing is the same as that of traditional marketing, to find the target customer of our products/services or customers find the products/services they are looking.

Majority of today’s customer search whatever they are looking online and try to find the product or service which fits best to his requirements. Digital marketing is a must to survive and compete in today’s market.

Let us take an example-

Someone is looking to buy a laptop. He/she will most probably start the journey by searching for laptops online. This will give information about the best laptop companies in the market such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc. The buyer will be having some requirements regarding RAM, Storage, Processor, Battery Power, Screen size, and few other things in mind. According to the requirement, he/she can search for the best possible laptop that fits the requirement and compare the prices offered by different companies. The final decision can be made by looking at the ratings, reviews and after consulting friends or family.

The above process explained can be applied to any product or service, as small as buying a T-shirt to buying high-cost products like diamonds.


Types of Digital Marketing

This is a dynamic field, and there are a lot of ways in which one can do digital marketing. Some of the major types of digital marketing ways are mentioned below:

Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media means engaging the customer with your brand or business using social media to increase brand awareness and recall. A few of the most popular digital platforms for marketing are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Social media is the best way to reach to your target audience at a fast pace and on a big scale. It is the most popular medium in the B2C space and is becoming popular in B2B domain also.

Social media marketing platforms offer various analytics dashboards having engagement metrics to understand the length and breadth of the reach. It helps businesses to understand which type of content is most engaging. Such analytics help you to understand how well the business is reaching out to its target audience. The parameter for engagement could be the number of likes, shares, comments, clicks to the websites, or final conversion.

Big brands use social media focused on active customer engagement and making a relationship with the customer rather than encouraging them to buy immediately. Depending on the products (high or low engagement) or services, businesses can make their own social media marketing strategy and keep on fine-tuning it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the way a company can rank at the top of search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, or Yahoo. It involves keyword analysis, creating SEO-friendly content, choosing suitable keywords, and having relevant content. Many marketers use strategic email marketing to target using the right keywords while incorporating specific techniques that can help them to increase their sales.

SEO is very dynamic because Google changes the algorithm almost regularly; therefore, businesses need to closely observe the performance of their pages/website and make changes accordingly to keep it optimized.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is where we use email to promote our products or services and develop a relationship with our existing or potential customers. It can include an email that gives information about the company, updates about the company, or offers any new/exclusive offer to the subscriber. Email marketing is used to share a general message on any festival or in case of crisis.

Email marketing has evolved from a single message that fits all audiences to customized, tailored notifications for better segmentation and personalization.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

SEM is a method for attracting traffic and increasing visibility by using search engines through paid means. Companies or brands pay so that their ads will appear on the result pages of the search engine. Sometimes such ads are also called Pay Per Click (PPC), as companies are only charged if the user clicks on the ad. The most common and widely used platform for SEM is Google Ads.

Content Marketing

Content marketing means the process of distributing relevant and valuable content to the target audience. Content is created so that it attracts the viewer and makes them more engaged with our business. The strategy usually followed in content marketing is to provide free valuable content in the forms of information through blogs or any written medium to add value.

The objective of content marketing is to create relevant content that will resonate with the target audience to read and share the content within their social circle. The quality should be high so that it will rank higher on the search engine. Effective content marketing creates value through the marketing pipeline.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing helps you to earn by promoting someone’s business through commission. You could be the business that wants to promote their products or services or be the promoter of those products and services.

The model behind this is called the revenue sharing model. If you are an affiliate and someone purchased a product by your recommendation, you will earn commission on that, and if you are a business, you need to pay the commission to the affiliate who helps you sell your product.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Wider Reach: Creating a digital presence increases the reach of your business drastically. Content or Ad posted can be seen by anyone, anywhere, without any boundaries and restrictions.
  • Better Customer Engagement: Businesses can engage with their customers at every stage of the customer journey. One can track every step of the customer journey, from searching for a product/service. It can also be two-way communication. Customers can also communicate with the business as and when they want to connect.
  • Cost-Effective: It not only gives a broader reach to the business but also at a substantially lower price. The overhead associated with the traditional form of marketing such as television ads, newspaper ads is high. Also, digital marketing gives the business control over how the message is delivered to the target audiences.


The content that the business is promoting digitally can be helpful as long as it is active. Even if you post content, the content posted earlier will actively draw potential customers to the business.

It also gives flexibility to the money that the business is spending on advertisements. Businesses can define the amount they want to spend on a particular ad and can easily change the schedule in between.

  • Measurable Results: After running a digital campaign, the outcome of the campaign is the thing to focus on. The question everyone asks, whether using digital marketing helped the business gain more reach than before, more customer engagement than before, and more lead conversion than before. All of these results can be monitored in real-time. The user quickly interprets digital marketing platforms, and software tracks all the metrics and can.
  • Easier customization and personalization: Digital marketing helps the business to customize and personalize the offerings according to the needs of different customers. It allows the business to gather customer data using various touchpoints and use the data to help the business to deliver specific offers to potential customers.


Convenient conversions: Digital marketing helps the customer to react to the ads immediately. In contrast, with traditional marketing, after watching the advertisement, the customer can further inquire about it through email or phone call. In such circumstances, there is a possibility that the customer will forget to inquire about the ad later. With digital marketing, even if the customer does not engage in immediate purchase of the product or service, he/she can save the ad/blog and come back to it later. This ensures continuous customer engagement with the business.

Pixer Digital specializes in Digital marketing techniques and helps its customer to derive more benefits from this technique.

Pixer Digital’s experts carefully understand their customer’s business/industry and their competition to craft a customized 360-degree marketing plan which helps customers to outpace their competition. We have a mission to educate our customers and inspire their end customers to buy from them.


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