“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein


At Pixer Digital, our team creates world-class websites, graphics, videos, and animations. These eye-catching graphics helps our customer to convey their message more effectively and help them to generate more awareness and business leads. In addition to the below vital services, we offer a plethora of designing services for newspaper advertisement ads, event invitations, banners, graphics for packing, graphics for campaign management, display advertisements and many more.

Web Design

Your website is your digital identity globally and plays a vital role in creating your organizations’ online personality. Pixer Digital believes in truly world-class, admirable, custom-designed websites for customers across all verticals. Our goal is to simply create a wow moment for you when your customers visit your website.   

  •          Static and dynamic websites
  •          Single-page and Multi-page websites
  •          Social media integrated websites

Graphic Design

Graphics is one of the essential aspects of the digital world as it helps to convey your message pictorially when you are not there physically. Our team follows the structured approach and delivers world-class graphics following the basic designing principles to have better contextual pictures to enhance the recall of your advertisement or information. We provide graphics for all ranges of use cases across all verticals, including

  • Logo creation  
  • Creatives for Branding/Social Media
  • Banners/Flyers/ Visiting Cards/Invitations
  • Business Proposal 
  • Corporate Presentation

Video and Animation Development

Videos and animations play a significant role in the digital world to convey your message or convert your leads into your customers. Our expert delivers eye-catching and memorable videos & animations for your business, personal, and events requirements. Our audio-visual animations can help you simply stand out in your league thereby creating more customer-based brand equity.

  •          Videos for various advertisements and events
  •           Animations for various occasions and promotions
  • GIF/MP4