Data Consulting

“Without Data you are just another person with an opinion. ”  –Edwards Deming


Data management is a new challenge of 21st century. The data burst in every business weather small or large has given a rise to a very common question:

 How do I manage this data?

What do I do with this data?

We all are in middle of data revolution. The importance of data needs to be understood and how to effectively and efficiently derive meaning from it is of utmost importance.

 We at Pixer digital have strong team that can help to unlock your data, develop a broad view of your data, fit your data best to your business giving you full control for your data.

Services Offered

Big Data Management

You have lots of data and don’t know how to manage it. We are here to help you develop your pipelines and sort your data out. We will help you establish open source technologies on premise and setup regular data loads for your data, so that you can solve your objectives and not worry about the data.

Data Pipeline Management

You have complex data pipelines that is eating your precious time, which could better be used for developing new innovations. Leave it on us and do what you do best. Our engineers will make sure your pipelines execute on time.

Data Quality Check

How to identify if the data you are processing is correct or not. How to make sure you are receiving correct data. We will help you build complicated test and checks to validate your data.

Data Analysis

You have lots of data. You are not sure where to start your analysis. We will help you analysis your data. Apply latest techniques to find right solutions to your challenging problems.

Data on Cloud support

Want to migrate your data to cloud we are here to help you. Move data to cloud, setup process on cloud. Optimize jobs for you, so that your billing is minimum. The design provided by us is unique and will be easy to manage.

Data Visualization

You want to see how your data will look on graphs, want to put some cool figures on your data. We can help you to do just that.
  • Data entry an operations
  • Structuring data & Storing data in efficient way
  • Cloud platform support
  • Transforming raw data to more comprehensive data
  • Deep dive and insights into data
  • Quality Assurance for your data
  • Managing complex production pipelines to make your clients their data on time.

Our team is expert to setup quality tool for you. That will help to unlock problems in your data and give you a better data pipelines.