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Pixer Digital is a global consulting pioneer in the areas of Data strategy and Digital transformation.

 Its is a one-stop data consultancy atelier which helps businesses of all sizes to take smart and data driven decisions. We take pride in delivering extraordinary results to our clients and delighting them through our team of experts from multiple industries by helping companies to translate and manage their data and get meaningful information to take informed and smart decisions enabling them to have sustainable competitive advantage in today’s competitive world.

We partner with our clients in their success journey with customized solutions & data consultancy. Our services portfolio can guide you right when the data is created to when data is analysed to get actionable decisions



The speed with which the data is being generated is uncontrollable. Problem is how to sort it out and find meaning in it, that will keep your business competitive in market. The data leader like amazon, google are using new and fast techniques to find the right data to stay ahead of competition. We will help you find meaning in you data so that you can stay ahead of your competitors by using open source technologies so that you are not losing profit while making strategy that will keep you ahead of competition.


The earth is one, we all live on same planet earth. It is very important to make sure the business we are running is environment friendly. We all tend to ignore the importance of sustainability when it comes to seeking profit. Well guess what the world is changing and after covid citizens of this world know planet earth is all they got, so act now and let us help you device strategy to utilize best of your resources to generate maximum output and produce minimum waste. The waste should be such that it is disposed of properly and you earn carbon footprint.

Business Innovation

The world around you is being competitive. Every businessman knows this. But how to create new innovations in what you doing, how to ascertain the future for your business. Innovations regularly is the only way! To innovate you need best minds in the world help you fight on all fronts, be it human resource, marketing, supply chain, finance to build a successful organization.

Digital Marketing

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Pixer Digital is your trusted digital partner to make your 360 degree marketing plan a success. An optimal 360-degree marketing plan helps organizations get new potential customers and give various touchpoints to engage them in a meaningful and planned manner.

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Why Pixer Digital

Collaborate and succeed

Right from the very first meeting, our experts work with your team to understand your To-Be vision, requirement and builds trust, which helps to develop a strong collaborative relationship. We do not differentiate between clients and our team members—we work as one. We keep on communicating frequently and prioritize your work to help accelerating your business.

Sit and Enjoy

Client can outsource the entire lifecycle right from the point of data entry and can sit enjoy the end results i.e. reports and analytics from the data collected without investing time and energy during the entire life cycle of the data.

End to end helping hand

 We offer end to end solution to their data cycle right from data entry to data structuring and get analytics.

Keep it simple

Our consultants teams use a simple but structured approach to design impactful solutions for the most critical business challenges.